Monday, September 18, 2017

Unbelievable siiiggghhhttttssss, Indescribable fffeeeellllliiiinnnggggsss

You guys know by now, Disneyland has my heart. It's weird. I know. I didn't grow up going to Disneyland or anything. Our good friends Jordan and Britton took Ben and me for our first time after we were first married. I had always wanted to go, and we walked in the gates, and I cried immediately, ate a giant pickle and was completely hooked ever since. Since Ben has worked in Southern California the last four summers, and the summers have not been the easiest, Disneyland has been our little reward for our family and bringing kids there is the icing on the cake  churro! 

Our trip at the end of this Summer in August has been one of my favorites yet. Patrick was obsessed with the characters, like shaking he was so excited to meet Goofy. He grabbed Mickey by the face and gave him a big kiss right on the nose and I'll remember it forever! Even now, the only thing Patrick will watch is youtube videos of Disneyland. He won't watch any show or movie, just Disneyland. We also did the Mark Twain Riverboat for the first time=magical tears and saw the new revamped Fantasmic show, which was UNREAL! 

Would anyone be interested in a tips and tricks post for Disneyland? I know there are 7 million blogs already out there with tips and schedules and what not but I like to think I have a few secret ones up my sleeve? 

PS!!! Ben and I are going on our first ever overnight date without kids since Everett was born in three weeks for our anniversary, and guess where we are going? People keep laughing at me when I tell them that we are going to Disneyland without our kids, but I'm a diehard and it will be totally different experience with just us two! The trip will be less than 48 hours, and we plan to squeeze every bit of magic out of it!


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