Friday, November 3, 2017

My Patty is TWO!

Weight-22.6lbs (7th percentile) Height-32.5 inches (30th percentile) all his baby teeth I'm pretty sure?

I haven't done a general update since Patrick turned one, so I want to write down everything about Patrick Scott Tremblay, right now, a week out of his new two-dom! Patrick was such a hard, colicky baby, then at 6 months, he was really fun (although never slept) but still so squishy and delicious and learning so many new things! Then months 16-22 were really hard again. He was so opinionated and independent but couldn't communciate, so he screamed and squaked and freaked out  A LOT! I remember thinking he was mad/angry/sad 80% of the time and only happy 20%. I am not sure if it related but we switched him to almond milk this summer and I think he may have had some irritation from cows milk which made him so grumpy? TMI-but for a long time he was pooping 8+ times a day, once we switched to almond milk it is now 2 or 3 times. He is now in a really wonderful stage and I'm loving it. He is a happy and energetic kid. He can talk so well and that has helped so much. He is speaking in short sentences, learning and copying so much. Everett was a really late talker so it is crazy to us hearing all this coming out of his tiny body.

The other day we were in the car going over the ABC's with Everett and we would pause and Patrick would just say the next letter or two correctly, Ben and I kept looking at each other in total astonishment! We still have no idea how he knows his letters, he can also count to twenty (with a little help)

Patrick is more independent than Everett ever was. He wants to pick out his clothes and throws huge fits when I force him to wear something he doesn't want to, this is so foreign to me and driving me crazy, it's just so interesting how kids can be so different. He has to take off his own shoes and socks, feed himself, get in his car seat and buckle himself!

It took 16 months for him to be a good sleeper, but he is making up for it now. He always sleeps through the night, goes down easy and even sleeps in until at least 8am every morning. He is a great eater, not picky and usually out-eats Everett every meal. His favorites are chicken, rice, eggs, and he loves spicy stuff, he eats hot sauce on his eggs people!

He completely idolizes his brother, they are playing together way more these days and I love watching their relationship grow, although they fight more too, but are so close overall and Everett is so great at including him.

I've mentioned before his obsession with Disneyland and the Mickey Mouse gang. At this age, Everett would watch shows or a movie, but Patrick is not interested at all. The only thing he wants to watch is videos from our Disneyland trips or youtube videos of other people's trips to Dland or the parades there. He has little Mickey and friends plush's that are his favorite stuffies, along with "Pooh Bear" (not actually Pooh Bear) who he just got at Build-a-Bear with my parents for his birthday and now he carries him around everywhere. He also is very attached to a Winnie the Pooh blanket that was mine when I was a kid that has holes in it but it still really soft.

Other things I don't want to forget:

Always says "love you too too"
The way he totally freaks out and jumps up and down screaming when Ben gets home from work and immediately tells him to take off his coat.
His giggle is soo infectious
He can model anything we say so close to perfect except his own name.
Says "Everett" about 6000 times a day
HATES shopping
Not a fan of the bath anymore after a 'pooping in the bath incident' while Ev was in there with him, Everet totally freaked out, scared the crap out of Patrick, he dive-bombed head first out of the tub and it hasn't been the same since.
He is getting more scared of things, like heights, bugs, the dark etc.
Still barely leaves Ben or I's laps in nursery
Baseball jammies and Mickey Mouse shirt are among his prized possessions
Finally getting his terrible eczema on his feet under control!
Everyone thinks he looks just like my little brother Matt, especially as a baby.
Likes to build legos and blocks and will play by himself for like 10 whole minutes



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