Sunday, November 5, 2017

October in a nutshell. A huge, enormous, way-too-long-nutshell

October is one of the good ones.

We had our seven-year anniversary, complete with our first ever kid-free lovers trip, Patrick turned two, my parents came and visited, my cousin got home from his mission so tons of family time, a nerd-alert Avalon party with all my favorite people and of course All Hallows Eve. Not to mention, Utah was so beautiful this fall and really showing off, and not to mention mention pumpkin patches.

Rrrrooooolllllll Ccccaaalllllll.....

Pumpkin Patch #1


Anniversary trip of my dreams:

Also flying without kids, I think I'm a Kardashian or something 
Ben and I have never taken more selfies in our lives than in this 48 hours
Such a cool place at the Anaheim Packing District! I don't know why I look like an Amazon woman

Ambiance I tell ya

Yay-my BFF lives in California!

Disney at Halloween-Bucket List: Big fat spooky CHECK!


Mark Twain Riverboat-a new favorite. Someone proposed right beside us!

She's beauty and she's grace, she's Miss United States

Again, just so many selfies

Basically a profesh Disney photog

Exhibit B

Haunted Mansion turned Nightmare Before Christmas, I prefer the original but glad I saw this!

"K now one with my lips closed smile"

I love him

The name is Jack, the Pumpkin KING!

Freaking long line to take a real pic with the iconic pumpkin, this is the best we got

Splash Mountain!

Not as good as I wanted it to be, should have got the Tigger Tail, but really cute. 7/10

Guardians is my favorite ride, but soooo scary

This is the first year they decorated in CA for Halloween and Cars Land was everything!

This peanut butter square gets so much hype and I was so excited, but I don't know if I was treat-ed out but it was only ok to me. Fine, I'll give it another try next time.

Happy Seven Years, babe close your eyes.

Phew-you still here?  
Pumpkin Patch Round 2:

and my cute cous got home from his mission!

They are the cutest


Patty turns two on October 20th (full post here) and we throw a PIE PARTY!!

This is the face you get if you tell him to smile

and again....

spray painting leaves copper and gold was incredibly satisfying for some reason. Stringing them on a thread individually was not. at. all.

 My parents came to Provo and we celebrated my moms birthday and went to Garner Village:

AVALON PARTY: The only way I can explain this is, I can't. Board Game, loyal servants of Arthur vs. Mordrid and his evil minions set out on a quest.....ok I can't. We dressed up and played. It was epic.

Ben as "Lady of the Lake" So glad this is now on the internet.

Some cousin/family Love photoshooting on a Sunday at Tyson's homecoming:

They were all wearing gingham #notplanned 

Pumpkin Patch #3 and carving pumpkins

Ok and one for Halloween. I think it deserves its own post:

A Goofy Movie baby


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