Thursday, November 16, 2017

'Ween '17

I've really come to love All Hallows Eve as a mom.  I already have the next two Halloween's costumes picked! It is a chance to be creative and the one time of year I try to sew (and then subsequently swear) Watching the kids run house to house, then going back to my aunt and uncles for homemade chicken noodle soup and handing out candy, it is one of the best nights of the year!

I had the idea for this year's costume last year while watching A Goofy Movie with Everett. It was one of my favorite movies as a kid, the soundtrack is pure gold and I had the biggest crush on Max! I knew I wanted Ben to be Powerline, Everett to be Max, Patrick to be Bobby and while Roxanne was maybe more of an iconic choice for myself, the Stacy costume was more fun!

Most of the items I found at the thrift store, with the exception of my pants, mine and Patrick's glasses and Ben's costume. It was originally a "man with the yellow hat" from Curious George costume that I rigged up, then sewed the yellow neck and armbands with spandex and stuffing, my mom did the vinyl for the logo, his hairpiece is made of felt and pipe cleaners. His glasses were hardware safety glasses I painted, the headset was an old set of headphones we spray painted and added the mic with a pipe cleaner and electrical tape.

So we went and took a bunch of pictures, left and then realized that we forgot to put Patrick's white gloves on. I am nothing if not detailed oriented, so I made everyone go back to the pink wall to take another set of pictures. Everyone was NOT happy as they were dying to get trick or treating.

Ok here are the pics, some a little less authentic because minus the white gloves haha!

Oh and don't forget: The Perfect Cast. No amount of bribing would convince Ben to learn and perform this with me. Everett was a willing participant.

Past Halloweens:
2015-Cave Man and the Dalai Lama
2014-Albert Einstein


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