Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas Card and Family Pictures

I love the tradition of Christmas cards but actually sending them out? "Llllooooaaattthhhheee Ennnttireelllyy" So I gave myself the year off from sending Christmas cards. Just grandparents have these adorning their fridges but I guess I can handle sharing it on the internets.  

We had my sister take some pics of us while we were in Arizona for Thanksgiving and I love them. Everyone knows taking family pictures is the worst and I had to do some bribing but totes worth it. Treasures, treasures, treasures. Those ones of Ben and the boys make my heart ssssiiiinnggg.

Here are some more of the pictures. I know everyone loves looking at a ton of pictures of other people's families. 




Chelan Hollingsworth said...

Always the best dressed family. The hands in the pockets are killing me! So cute!

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