Saturday, December 30, 2017

Remember December

OOOOOKKKK December flew by, but I also  feel really happy and proud with the amount of Christmas spirit we squeezed out of it. Although we did have all of our Christmas stuff down less than 24 hours after Christmas (our tree was the deadest, dead, dead) I'm still wishing we could go back and do it all once more. The magic was so real this year, our boys are at fun ages where they could start to understand the story of baby Jesus, Santa was so exciting and Everett was really excited about giving this year too. The other night we had put them to bed and the monitor was switching back and forth between their two rooms and they were each singing Christmas songs to themselves in bed. Heart BOOM!

We do a little advent calendar every day leading up to the 25th, a small treat, but more exciting is the little slip of paper with a family Christmas activity every day. Some days were bigger like go look at Christmas books, go to Temple Square, go meet Santa etc. or some days were just-watch a Christmas movie, have a hot chocolate bar, make paper snowflakes etc. I have loved doing this, the kids were SO into it and it made us spend valuable family time together. They would scream and jump up and down after I announced the day's activity, even if it was just "make cookies together".

This year we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with Ben's mom and his siblings in Heber. She lives in the mountains and it was so beautiful up there with freshly falling snow on Christmas Eve.  It was really nice for all of Bens siblings to be together, an amazing prime rib dinner, Christmas movies, cookie making, playing in the snow, games, and a program and nativity. It felt cozy and happy. Christmas morning I was so excited, even awake before the kids, waiting for them to wake up with butterflies in my stomach. They were so excited, so grateful, and Santa was good to them this year. We made our way to Ben's dad's house in the afternoon and it was Christmas round 2, and Christmas delicious meal round 2 and we played "Bet your Wife" from Ellen after the kids went to bed and threw water in each other's faces. It was great. We lost.

I'm always sad to have the holidays over, but excited for a new year as well. Looking back through all these pictures for this post was therapeutic and made me feel so lucky. Auld lang syne and to all a good night.

And now a Santa-butt load of pictures from our December:

The Riverwoods Lighting!

Picking out our Christmas Tree

December 1st Boxes with new Christmas pj's, a Christmas book, hot chocolate, popcorn, advent calendars and a promise to watch a movie. We watched The Santa Clause.

December #SundayTremblays

Some family pictures with Bruno and Kim and all the fam at the Timp Temple! Look at all the boys!

Polar Express on the Heber Train with Nana. Our 3rd year and such a fun tradition.

Christmas at our place!

Visiting Santa at the Riverwoods

The biggest tree I have ever seen at the Traverse Outlets

Temple Square night 

Everett's Preschool Winter Showcase:

For my birthday this year, I asked Ben for a day in SLC all to myself. It was amazing. I shopped all day, ate great food with no one to share it with and then got to come home to my family feeling very refreshed. Next year I'm adding a massage and a movie to my day!

Tremblay Christmas card 2018. I didn't send them.

Christmas Eve at Nana's playing in the snow


For my own records:
Christmas Eve at Leanne's with everybody. Program, games, nativity.
Christmas morning at Leanne's opening presents, then over to Bruno and Kim's for Christmas dinner and a sleepover.
White Christmas? Yes!
Memorable gifts. Cassie-heated blanket, sister rings, kiehls serum. Ben-sunglasses, comp. server, sweatshirt. Everett-Batman Robot, dance machine, Lego, Uno Attack, Snap Bracelets. Patrick-Scooter, sleeping bag, ice cream counter.


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