Saturday, March 17, 2018

"Everett Says" and 5th Birthday Interview

Everett is FIVE! FIVE! We love him like the little stinker dreamboat he is. He's still so funny, so curious, and our best buddy! This year, his birthday interview answers were a little more practical, which makes me a tiny bit sad, but so fun to see how he changes from year to year. You bet your bottom dollah I'll still be asking him "What's your favorite thing to do with mom?" for his 16-year-old birthday interview.

Here are the latest "Everett-isms" most of which make my heart pop some wings and fly away.

PRAYERS: When he says his prayers instead of "I'm thankful" he say's "you're welcome"
              "you're welcome for our family"
              "you're welcome for the food"
              "you're welcome for the church"
He also meant to say "please bless our family who isn't here" and says "We're happy no one else in the family is here"

Some other favorite things he has said during prayers: "Please bless the cops don't put is in jail" "Please bless that our house is not on fire" "Please bless Jesus loves us, please bless Jesus can eat healthy"

Me-"Everett you're getting good at coloring"
Everett-"I'm self-taught"

On our last flight, the flight attendants gave the boys those little wings pins. As we were getting off the plane Everett said "Good landing pilot and thanks for the wings ladies!"

When saying goodnight "I love you as ginormous as a giant"
                                        "I love you to all the planets IN ORDER and back"

"Mom, you look beautiful, you look like a rainbow and a heart mixed together."

I sat down on the couch after cleaning up and said "Whew I'm pooped" and Evertt says VERY concerned "Ahhh mom where?!"

Me-"Everett what do you want for Christmas?"
Everett-"Just something that connects to bluetooph"

"You've got to be kidding me"

He smells a leaf off the ground "mmmm smells like lavender"

Things he says wrong that I don't ever want to correct:
-Mary Poppins: Harry Popplins
-Parmesean: carma-sean
-Kiwi: seaweed
-Hawk eye: Hot Guy
-Darth Vader: Garth Vader
-Bring us some figgy pudding: Bring us some fuddy puddy
-From the Pledge of Allegiance: And to the republic where the witches stand

Here is his birthday interview:

and here is his 4th birthday one
and his 3rd birthday one.
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