Saturday, May 12, 2018


SPRING PHOTO DUMP-just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling dooo-do-do-do-do-do

We had a very hoppy Easter this year! Ben's grandmama was visiting from Montreal and it was such a joy to see her! The boys got spoiled silly with an Easter hunt at Nana's and G+G Tremblay's, dentist bill coming in hot! We also celebrated Ben's beautiful cousin Kaisha's wedding! I love weddings so it was such a treat to attend, especially with so much family!


Face masks that were horrifying^^^

I coached E's soccer team and I loved it! Sign me up for the next 10 years, please. He also had a bike parade on the last day of preschool and then graduated (again) this was year two of preschool. Kindergarten here we come!


My brother also graduated from BYU (almost as big of a deal as the preschool graduation) and my parents and sister came in for the weekend and it was filled with eating all the great Utah food we could and a photo shoot to prove he graduated, let me show you:



You made it. The end. Go to bed.


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