Tuesday, August 28, 2018

"A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" Disneyland May 2018

In May we did Disney with my parents. We originally were supposed to go in February, but 24 hours before, they weren't able to come and we were all crushed. So this trip had all that extra "when you wish upon a star" juju. My parents hadn't been to Disneyland since the first time they brought me when I was two-years-old. The boys were sooo excited to share Disneyland with them and fought over who got to ride with them. My brother also happened to be in California at the same time, so I literally forced him to come with us on our last day (He is anti-Disneyland, but I think I changed his mind maybe a little).  We also saw (and got a wave) from Paul George from OKC which helped!

I think both of my parent's favorite parts (besides watching their grandkids joyful cherub faces) was the Fantasmic show at night! They also loved Soarin, Space Mountain and Dole Whips! I tried to be their own personal tour guide, spouting out Disney facts like it was my job. "Did you know they sell over 2.8 million churros a year?" and "Did you know all the plants in Tomorrowland are edible". The only pitfall was that Pirates and California Screamin (now Incredicoaster) were closed which are two of my favorites. My wish is to take all the people I love to Disneyland some day and shove the Disney magic down their throats to make them love it like I do! 

Roll the Pictures: 

Ps. Google Photos made a little video of our trip for me, so I shared that waaayyyy at the bottom






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