Wednesday, August 22, 2018

So long sweet summer

How in the world is summer almost over?! Everett starts school this week and as much as #longlivesummer, also #iloveschoolsuppliesandsweaters! I feel pretty good about how much we milked the crap out of this summer actually. Small town carnivals, 3 parades, fireworks, Disneyland, St. George, a month is Canada, Echo Lake, swam our little hearts out, ate Taber Corn on the Cob and about 200 popsicles.

++We had only spent one summer in Utah before (and lived here 10 years!) so I was determined to make the most out of it. I went through every webpage about summer activities on the interwebs and filled our May and June calendar to the brim! Then we went to St. G and then Canada and it was so dreamy. We are back in Provo now and reunited with Ben +1, peaches are officially out here +1 and I'm back in my own bed, no longer having to share with a sleeping octopus-koala named Everett +1!

++I have been blogging. these last I don't know...year! whoopsadaisy. I'm not going to play catch up. Just kidding, yes I am. But not today! Today, I just want to chat about dumb things like The Bachelor and clothes k.

++Ok for real this Bachelor season was just meh, I didn't love "I-need-a-moment-Becca" or any of the guys in particular (except Wills!!! #Willsforbachelor #exceptifBenHigginsisintherunning) Blake seemed like he was in high school and I could not get behind him. And Garrett Ymelalfshlh@@? Also just ok, they seemed like they were in la la fake land most of the time.

Anyways I still watched because its dramatic TV and I believe in the love stories ok!  I LOVE getting together with my friends to watch it every week. When I was in Utah, I watched it with my best cousins and we ate Eatmores (a Canadian chocolate bar that will change your life) and made fun of all of Becca's sequins. Then in Canada, I watched with my besties who I already miss and we would eat buffalo wings and fries and an episode would take us 6 hours to watch because we would have to pause to talk 100 times.

++Soooo....this summer marks my one year since I started trying to be healthy again, A healthiversarry? Or a Stop-eating-taco-bell-twice-a-week-versarry if you will? Anyways. It's the longest I have stuck with healthy habits since high school when sports forced me to be in shape.  I'm in a good place right now. It got a little murky in the middle there when I became WAY too obsessed with the scale and calories and everything. I actually remember thinking once, "People who only have one leg are lucky, they would weigh so much less" MAYDAY MAYDAY!  Luckily after really internalizing some logical things about my health and body, I am feeling good and balanced. I try to do a 70/30 rule with eating healthy but also not worrying about it on date night, going out with friends, impromptu cinnamon bear craving etc.

Some lessons I have learned are
1) Stop comparing myself to anyone but myself. Period. Ever. I thought I could diet my life away and I could get to a size 0. I will never be a size 0. Never. It is not my body type and I needed to stop trying to meet impossible goals.
2) Stop weighing myself every day. My moods were determined by the number on the scale for a while there and that was just annoying for everyone. I haven't weighed myself in four months, now I feel FFFRRREEEEDDDOOOMMMM 
3. Working out is a reward, not a punishment. Back in the "dark days" (like 6 months ago) when I was afraid of bread and stuff, if I did have something carb-a-licious I would punish myself at the gym the next day, running until I wanted to throw up trying to burn off those calories.  Now I work out because I like it. I try to do it 4-5 times a week and it is a habit now, one that I look forward to and enjoy.
4. My body is a gift, you only get one. I am so tired of being so mean to it and picking it apart. It doesn't have to be perfect, no one's is. It carries me through my life, it gave me my babies and that's all that matters.
It all sounds so simple, stuff I have always believed in and things I want to teach my kids etc. but I really had to internalize it for myself and get out of my head. These pictures are really painful for me to post and kind of make me want to punch myself in the face, but it was a friend's before and after pic she posted last year that made me finally decide to get my butt in gear I'm proud and worked my butt of so here you go!

 June 2017 (so jolly haha) >October 2017> August 2018 today!

++What have you guys been watching lately? I didn't go to a ton of movies this summer, dangit because #RIPMoviepass now. I saw The Quiet Place (you know the one with Jim) and yikes I jumped out of my seat. I literally full on stepped into our full giant box of popcorn due to a freakout at a scary part. I am very sensitive to scary movies so this one stayed with me for a couple of days (weeks). We randomly watched Saving Mr. Banks the other day. I loved it. The part where they go to Disneyland I cried. I will now and forever picture Walt Disney as Tom Hanks in my head and I'm ok with that. I also saw Adrift, by myself, which I kinda love, and I can't talk about it without spoilers so I just won't talk about it. And now, for the first time in my life, I am watching The Office. Ben has seen all of it but we started Season 1, Episode 1. I am sorry to others and myself for not watching this before. It really is as good as everyone has told me.  As soon as movie pass gets their ish together I'm going to see Mama Mia 2, Crazy Rich Asians and Christopher Robin. Update-Went to three theatres last night to try and see Crazy Rich Asians with my sister (it was sold out everywhere) but we did finally see it at the late late show and I loved it! The world demands more chick flicks.

++I got an instant pot on Prime Day! WOAH DREAM BIG! Joining the cult people. We went on our maiden voyage last night and after a few hiccups, I think it turned out ok! So if you had to convince someone of the magic of instant pot, what one recipe would you share with them? Your fav of favs, will you tell me? There is 74 million on Pinterest I know, but I want tried and true ones!

++I'm getting a lot of joy from back to school shopping rn. As a kid/teenager I loved it so much and it was a special thing with my mom and siblings. We would make a big trip to the good Calgary malls and open and close them! Then we would do a fashion show at home and label our underwear and lay out the first-day outfit. oh so fun!  Everett isn't quite showing that level of enthusiasm and could only  hack like two stores. I'm not going to go crazy or anything but there is something pretty nice about a new outfit and a new clean pair of shoes on the first day.  Gap is going cray with their sales so I got a few t-shirts for Everett there like this one. I may or may not have also gotten this for myself (it was just soooo on sale-I paid only $18 for it, reg $90!). If you have skinny and tall boys, Osh Kosh jeans are the bread and butter. I seriously tried every store ever made for jeans that were long enough for E and also fit him in the waist. Osh Kosh skinny jeans are the winner!  I'm trying to boycott Zara right now after a horrific experience with customer service but why do their clothes have to be so cute. I'm loving this and this and this for Everett and this for me. BUT NEVER AGAIN......but also these. STOP.

Ok now I'm gonna SPAM this post with the first part of summer pics. You can stop here if you want. Putting all my pictures here is a way for me to journal/organize my photos etc. These are all super out of order, which really bothers me, but not enough to fix it. Thank you, come again.


Robyn said...

Loved this so much! Long live summers in Canada! May you motivate me to get my butt in shape! Miss you!

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