Friday, October 5, 2018

FriYAY and Fall things

I have been willing fall to come to Utah the last three weeks.  The mountain colors may have been changing but I was still sweating at E's soccer games and still wearing sandals in this 86 degree weather! I am so sick of mine and the kid's summer clothes, I want to wear my fuzzy robe in the morning and I want to visit a pumpkin patch in the 60-degree range, that's all I ask. Well, looking at the rainy forecast all week, and my parents telling me it SNOWED in Canada already, I think fall is all "be careful what you wish for".  I'm not phased. First soup of the season is in the crockpot as we speak! Bring it!

It's LDS conference this weekend which is basically the Mormon's Superbowl where we get spiritually fed by our leaders and fed fed with pancakes and cinnamon buns. It's always a cozy and inspiring weekend. It is also Canadian Thanksgiving, which makes me homesick and crave mashed potatoes and gravy. ALSO ALSO Ben and I are celebrating our 8 year anniversary tonight. We are keeping it simple with a nice dinner in SLC (hopefully somewhere with mashed potatoes and gravy) and a movie if we can hack it.

We decorated our house for Halloween last Sunday to the tunes of "Nightmare Before Christmas". I don't like the movie really, but I love Disneyland's Haunted Mansion at Halloween, so it is the Halloween album of choice. Really, decorating our house is just one spooky shelf and some paper bats on the wall but it is still making me and the boys happy. I wish I could spend alllll the money on Halloween and fall decorations because I LOVE them and want my non-existent porch to be throwing up potted mums, but hopefully, our collection will grow slow and steady over the years. These clay looking pumpkins are so cute, and I love this simple wreath.

One of my new favorite Instagram accounts is this b.afewofmyfavoritethings. I don't know her, but she is so funny and has amazing recommendations. She shared about this Cedar Pumpkin Soy Candle as the fall candle to rule them all and it is true. It has that really amazing, popular balsam fir smell with just a hint of vanilla pumpkin to keep it from being too Evergreen. Do you know what I mean here?! A few other recommendations I love are these knock-off Madewell Boots (the navy. dead) and she got me hooked on 7-11 tweezers and Stila cream blush. Also, I'm pretty sure she single-handedly sold Uniqlo out of these bras. On my list.

Did you guys see this video? Too funny "Sweetie, sorry, have you seen my grey suede booties"

The fall always makes me want to watch Gilmore Girls and read Anne of Green Gables, I usually only ever do the former. I just watched the 4 new revival episodes again and I mostly love them. They got a bad rep, but they were everything I wanted them to be. I posted on insta that I was #teamloganforever and I can't believe how many people DM'ed me that they were Team Jess. To which I replied asking if Jack Pearson has influenced their view because Jess was such a bad boyfriend and Logan is sooo dreamy. IN OMNIA PARATUS ladies!!  What are some other quintessential fall movies/shows I can watch whilst wearing fluffy slippers and drinking vats of apple cider?  OOoohhhh When Harry Met Sally is a good one, or maybe I'll finally watch Rudy with Ben.

These two memes made me LOLZZZ

And finally, because it's Canadian Thanksgiving-10 things I'm feeling grateful for in this moment:

Family. All of them.
Glow in the dark skeleton pj's that make the boys sooo happy.
Heat in our home
Everett's sweet Kindergarten teacher
Rainy mornings
That Ben is my best friend
My instant pot. Eat your heart out frozen chicken.
Modern day revelation 
The promise of a new day after hard ones.


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