Thursday, January 10, 2019

"Anybody Want a Peanut?" Princess Bride Halloween '18

I'm not even going to address that I'm blogging about Halloween in January, I just know that I want to catch up on this blog so here it is!

Halloween is becoming one of my favorite holidays. I keep saying every year that I don't know how long I am going to be able to get away with picking the kids costumes, but so far they are loving it so I'll keep it going while I can or just bribe them forever.

It was the classic Princess Bride for us this year. This was the first movie Ben and I watched together actually and Patrick's white blonde hair in his little mushroom cut inspired me for him to be the Albino torturer, and then it all went from there. I was going to be Buttercup at first, but Ben was a natural Inigo Montoya, and I knew being Fezzik the giant would be more fun! Let me tell you, I have never looked better.

I either thrifted or made all of our costumes, except Patrick and Ben's wigs which I bought last year the day after Halloween on super sale! Yes, I knew what we were going to be already last Halloween. I love the details and how it all came together. I also love that there was no hair dye or face paint this year.

We had a really fun Haloween night. We have a little tradition of trick or treating at my aunt and uncles neighborhood, the houses go all out, there are hundreds of kids running in the streets, it's like a movie! It was cold, so Patrick didn't last too long but he was happy with his bucket of candy and Aunt Norma's warm homemade chicken noodle soup!

Here are a few more pictures of Halloween costumes and festivities!

Here are some Halloween's of Halloween's Past

2017-The Goofy Movie
2015-Cave Man and the Dalai Lama
2014-Albert Einstein


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