Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Christmas in Canada 2018

Christmas was a month ago as of today. It seems sooooo much longer than that. January is officially the longest month of the year. Good thing I am blogging about Christmas now because sleigh bells and stockings are all but a distant memory on this January 72nd.

This Christmas we didn't know our plans until very last minute. It was technically our year to go to Canada and be with my family, but after waiting 18 months for Ben's citizenship to come through, we didn't think we would be able to.  Then, we got a letter in the mail. I picked it up from the mailbox as Ben was leaving for work, saw the "immigration services" in the corner and ran after Ben's car in the parking lot like a crazy person. We opened it up and saw his swearing-in date was for December 3rd! It was a Christmas miracle in my eyes!!

Here are some pre-Christmas festivities we enjoyed in December

Ben became a citizen of the US of A, it was an intense ceremony and I stayed loyal to Canada in my heart, but seeing people from all over the world stand to the pledge of allegiance, with Everett reciting it the loudest in the room was pretty special.
 This has become a fun tradition my boys talk about all year, The Lighting of the Riverwoods. We brought our friend along this year too!

The best picture we got from picking out our tree-please note Patrick running out of frame


December 1st. I started this tradition about three years ago to start December off with some Christmas spirit. A box under the tree with some new Christmas pj's to wear all year long, a new Christmas book to enjoy all month long and advent calendars, some candy canes etc.
We love putting mini trees in the kid's rooms. 

 This was actually at Thanksgiving at Ben's mom's house.  Her house and property is sooo beautiful in the snow! We had a really delicious and cozy dinner with family for Thanksgiving there.
Another lighting ceremony in Orem. These trees were amazingly wrapped? lighted? They were seriously impressive!

 SANTA!!!!!!! No tears this year, which I kind of miss actually. They were so funny and shy. Everett pulled "hot wheels" out of his butt, which he had not previously mentioned or asked for until 10 days before Christmas! Patrick asked for "a door, a nose, lipstick, Mickey and white hair" so there's that. I just love their sweet faces in this above pic.

This was also at Thanksgiving. My parents came down for the weekend and we spent it with so much family at the Zermatt Resort in Midway. It was so fun!! Fireplace in the villas after swimming outside in the snow, hilarious minute to win-it games that I will never forget and of course hitting the outlets at midnight on Black Friday! We soak up any grandparent time we can get!


After a looonnnngggg two-day drive to Lethbridge, we were so happy to be out of the car and at one of our favorite places in the world. We milked every drop we could of Christmas festivities those few days before Christmas. We made hundreds of homemade chocolates with my cousins one night, we made sad little gingerbread houses that the kids just "ate up". We had a huge Christmas Eve dinner at our house with over 50 family members. We ate sooo much food, had our famous white elephant exchange and opened Christmas eve pj's. After everyone left, we stayed up late wrapping presents, setting everything up and I had butterflies getting into bed and thinking of the next day.

Christmas Day morning was as exciting as magical as I expected. The kids were sooo happy and I although I got a lot of great videos of them opening their presents, I have no pictures.  We had crepes and my grandma's traditional mini quiche for breakfast. Then the kids insisted on playing and opening every single item they got and with emotional highs of the morning came some emotional lows. We counted down the minutes to a long Christmas nap and all was right again.

It snowed 3 days after Christmas, womp womp. We were all so sad to leave and  I was pulling out all my tricks to try and see if we could work in another week. It was a wonderful Christmas and the boys are at such fun ages, until next year St. Nick.

Got my POUTINE!! A canadian delicacy-french fries, gravy, cheese curds. It is sooo good and I have to get one every time I am home.
My mom trying out the massager they were pushing at Costco. It ended up under the tree for me and it has changed my life.

 The kid's white elephant exchange. Only a small amount of tears this year.

 All snuggled up in bed on Christmas Eve.


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