Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Patick: 3 Years Old!

Patty turned 3 in October! Yahoo! Except no longer free at Disneyland so actually not so great. Patty is 26.5 lbs (under 5th percentile) so who knows maybe we can get away with another year JK! He is small but mighty...and stubborn. He is a sweetheart, but one that likes to push the rules and buttons. Our little sour patch kid.

I made his first annual birthday interview video so you can see some of his favorites at the moments and his darling little personality:

A few other things I want to remember:

-The other day someone asked Everett what his brother's name was and he said "I don't think it's his real name, but we just call him Patty"

-He loves baths

-He will finally watch something other than youtube videos of Disneyland and likes Dumbo, Alladin, Mary Poppins

-His nose and sense of smell is so good. He always can tell if I was eating chocolate during nap time when I go get him out of his crib or if someone recently showered when we walk in the house. He also announces loudly in any stinky public bathroom we walk into that it is so stinky and he literally gags.

-When we are at the cemetery for a Memorial Day ceremony, there were these gunmen dressed in uniform all lined up. They had white gloves on and in a quiet and somber moment he yells "Mom, those guys have Mickey hands"

-He didn't go to the nursery by himself until after he turned 3, for about 2 months before he moved up to primary.

-He for some odd reason calls Siri on the iPad Jesus so he will press the button and say "Hey Jesus, what is the weather today?"

-Patrick "Everett, do you want some of this fruit snack"
-Everett "No thank you"
-Patrick "Ok you're not welcome"

-Me "Patrick what is your full name?"
-Patrick "Patrick. Scott. Tremblay"
-Me "Now say your full name in french"
-Patrick "Santa. Clause. Coming"

-He loves Disney songs before bed and has a very specific playlist, and has almost every song memorized. Favorites at the moment are "I can show you the world" "Step in time" and "I just can't wait to be King"

-Potty Trained and night trained! It was not as easy with him, let's just say we were cutting holes in his diapers, but it finally clicked!

We sure love you Patty McPatterson. Stay little.


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