Monday, April 22, 2019

Everett is Six!!

Say it isn't so?! How is my baby six years old?! He really is just a wonderful kid! He is happy pretty much all of the time, he makes everything we do and celebrate more fun. Most importantly he is so kind and a friend to everyone. His kindergarten teacher said he is very social and all the kids love him! As hard as it is to watch time fly by so quickly, it is such a gift to watch him learn and grow and become his own little person!

Some things I don't want to forget about Everett at six:

He has an amazing memory and I love hearing about the random stuff he remembers. The other day he was talking to me and said "You know what was so so so so fun? That time we got free breakfast at the hotel two times, that was sooo lucky and awesome" He was referring to a hotel continental breakfast from like two years earlier.

He loves his friends so much. He is always asking to play with them, wondering about what they are doing and making gifts and notes for them.

He is really so so good with Patrick. Patrick can push his buttons like no one else and can try to bug him on purpose for attention, and although he gets irritated he has never hit Patrick back or anything and for the most part, is so patient with him.

He LOVES puzzles and games and mazes and science stuff.

He still is a mommas boy and loves to cuddle and is super sweet and affectionate.

Now that he remembers traditions and rituals and special stuff we do in our family every year, he looks forward to all of it SO much and remembers every detail about what we need to repeat.

He likes to be clean, always asks if we can clean his room together. He is a rule follower and tries so hard to be and do good. My brother was amazed this weekend that he kept asking me if he could have candy out of the candy basket he got, and if I said no, he really wouldn't eat the candy. He was like "why would he keep asking you? Why not just eat it, you would never know".

He loves the show Arthur, Disneyland, coloring and making crafts, his favorite classes at school are PE and Dance. He loves being around people and hates to play alone, he loves riding his bike and scooter, playing at the park, swimming is still his favorite thing to do.

He hates jeans, he does not like chocolate, tomatoes, mustard, and his favorites are carrot cake, lasagna, and spaghetti. He really does not like running errands with me or grocery shopping.

Here are some more of his favorites in his annual birthday interview video. (You can check out the other years on my youtube channel there too)


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