Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Baby and Me #3: 35 Weeks

 (Wrote this a week ago, now 36 weeks as of today!)

Baby is as big as....

A pineapple, or a Large Diet Coke! I am measuring two weeks behind, but I was when I was pregnant with Patrick too, and the docs aren't worried yet! 

I'm Feeling...

Anxious that we are getting so close, I don't feel prepared quite yet. My "TO DO before BABY" list is a mile long, granted a lot of the things on it are like "paint my toenails, tint eyebrows, etc" I just want to feel as good about myself as I can this time. There are also other more important things like "clean car seat" "buy newborn diapers" etc. etc. I am also feeling excited! The boys are really excited and that is so fun to talk about with them. 

Food love/hate...

A little bit of my nausea has returned these last couple weeks, anytime I let myself get hungry I throw up and things aren't sounding as good. A big fat sandwich is still my go-to and overdone toast with peanut butter and jam in the morning. I still throw up Cafe Rio without fail every time. 

Three Pros from the last seven weeks....

1) This baby is by far my most active baby and her movements are so strong and defined. I LOVE IT!

2) I am full on nesting and loving putting the nursery together. I have had to get creative as we didn't get any new furniture but still make it different than Patrick's. I have spent some late nights with a hot glue gun and "trying" to sew some things. A few more little things and I think I will be done. I can't wait until there is a babe in that crib again. I love walking by it and feeling happy!

3) I am finally getting a decent sleep at night, thank you half a unisom and prayers. I am still teaching early mornings 5 days a week but will stop for a little once the baby comes. 

Three Cons from the last seven weeks....

1) Getting dressed every single day. I have been trying so hard to not buy maternity clothes, but trying to make my other clothes work is just cruel to them. I am not a fan of shorts in any form, and it is getting hottttt in Utah so that presents another problem. 

2) I feel like I have a little bit of PTSD coming back from my last two babies newborn stages and their 6 months of screaming and colic and absolutely no sleep for like 18 months. So that can feel a little daunting. I hope this baby is a little happier but I'm not getting too hopeful and trying to mentally prepare. 

3) Peeing on my bishop's sidewalk. It's a long and mortifying story you can ask me about sometime.

4) I don't have the good pregnancy hair this time around :( 

Looking Forward to...

Being able to keep crossing things off my list. Packing the teeny tiny doll clothes. The newborn smell. Seeing what she looks like. Deciding on her name.  Nursing again.  

Random Thoughts...

What did you guys dress your summer babies in? Still footie sleepers at night? Just onesies in the day?

I got preeclampsia with Patrick, I have been so nervous I would get it again this time around, but so far so good.

I have never been more than 38 weeks pregnant. So curious to see how and when this one happens.




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